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Fuel Efficient Challenger® Ag Tractors

Challenger utilizes the most current technology to design and build their tractors for fuel efficiency and durability in the field.  If you need both power and precision our Challenger Ag Tractors are some of the best in the industry.



MT400B Series MT400D
75-100 PTO hp
Challenger® MT400D Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to fit almost any farming...
MT500B Series MT500D
100-180 PTO hp
Rugged, reliable and with enough raw power to handle the toughest jobs, Challenger® MT500D...
MT600D Series MT600D
205-275 PTO hp

The robust, modern Challenger® MT600D Series is specially designed to...



MT700C Series MT700C
245-265 PTO hp

Ideally suited to row-crop work, The MT700C Series tractors are equally at home in planting, tillage and...
MT800C Series MT800C
335-425 PTO hp

The MT800C Series is the only high horsepower track tractor that can be configured...
MT900C Series MT900C
360-425 PTO hp
The MT900C Series is at the top of the articulated 4-wheel ...



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